Schleich, a company based in Schwabisch Gmünd, Germany has a long history of designing and manufacturing a wide variety of plastic figurines. The company was founded in 1935 by Friedrich Schleich and began releasing figurines in the 1950’s. Early releases were based on comic characters and some are still made today, most notably the Smurf, Peanuts and Muppet lines. Schleich’s products are loved by boys and girls of all ages but are especially popular with the 6-12 age group; making Schleich a great gift idea for boys and girls between those ages.

Here are the top reasons why kids love Schleich!

Schleich’s figurine assortment is varied and includes smurfs, farm animals, wild animals, prehistoric animals, knights, indians, and mythical creatures. Their selection allows them to cater to every child’s imagination.

Schleich also has a wide range of accessories. These accessories include: buildings, vehicles, plants & trees, and so much more. These accessories add hours of imaginative play value to the line and parents and kids love the way Schleich accessories compliment the line.

Schleich’s products are designed and detailed to look realistic. Schleich’s hand-painted detail sets them apart from their competitors and allows children to create their own realistic worlds with Schleich figures and accessories. Kid’s love the world’s they create.

Schleich offers a variety of sizes and prices of figurines & accessories making it affordable for everyone.

The products are made out of durable plastic that does not break and can resist normal wear and tear. Schleich figurines meet all European and U.S. toy testing standards. Testing is done at its Schwabisch Gmünd facility. Parents and kids love Schleich durability.

Most of the Schleich toys are suitable for children ages 3 and up and are a top 10 toy for 6-12 year old boys and girls.

Children can use Schleich figurines to aid with school projects. Schleich can help take a diorama project to the next level.

Schleich is constantly adding new products to their line allowing for a child’s collection to grow along with their imagination.

Source by Stu R Eisenman