When I was a teenager and started hanging out with my girl friends at malls, movie theaters, etc., it dawned on all of us that we each needed to have some sort of weapon to protect ourselves.

Back then, I did not know about pepper spray. I was very naive and sheltered by my parents. In the 70’s there were no personal computers or Internet, where you can surf and find self defense products. I can’t recall who was the genius who mentioned it first or had the brainstorm, but somehow the idea came up for us to use a water pistol and fill it with ammonia! Well, that was the best thing I had ever heard of! What a great idea!

I didn’t waste any time, I went to a store that had toys and purchased an orange water pistol. My mother always had ammonia for cleaning the bathrooms, so I poured some of it in the water pistol. I made sure that it would not leak and put it inside my favorite purse. I checked it a few hours later to see if the purse stunk like ammonia, and fortunately it didn’t at all.

Well, that was the beginning of my obsession with self defense products! Now that I think more carefully about that great idea, it really was more dangerous than we thought. We really did not know the amount of damage that ammonia could actually cause if you get it in your eyes. It could cause permanent damage! I’m glad neither one of us had to use our ammonia pistols, or we could have been hit with a large law suit!

Later as a working adult, I had to use the subway to go to and from work. I felt I needed to actually purchase a product that was reliable and safe. By this time there was an Internet and I purchased my first Stun Gun from the Internet. Right away I felt safe, especially in the winter months around 6 PM, when I got off the train and had to walk to my car, parked in a huge parking lot, around the train station. I lived in the suburbs, so I had to drive from the station to my house and those walks to my car were very scary at night. My stun gun went anywhere I went and I particularly liked the fact that I could walk with my dog through hiking trails in a nearby park and not worry about getting attacked.

Last year, I heard that there was even a better product on the market and that it was designed with women in mind. In my pursuit to get the latest and greatest out there, as far as self defense products, I purchased what for me, has been the ultimate self defense weapon; the Taser C2. This baby is perfect. I can electrically shock an attacker as far as 15 feet away! This Taser is small, has a LED light to see in the dark and a laser so I don’t miss a shot. It also doubles as a stun gun, in case I shock an attacker and another person comes towards me. I never in my wildest dreams, thought I could have a self defense product such as the Taser C2. The good thing about it too, is that the Taser C2 is non lethal and does not cause any permanent damage, unlike my first weapon, the Ammonia Pistol!

Source by Susan Eaton