Mindflex the game is not just a fun toy (though it IS fun!). It’s also the most affordable way to boost mind power you can find.

Most people-kids and adults, don’t know the true power of their minds. They watch sci fi and fantasy movies and wish they could bend spoons or move objects, but they don’t think it’s really possible.

Mindflex proves, in a fun, hands-on… or rather mind-on… way that everyone can do amazing things with their minds.

Here are three ways this game can increase mind power:

1. Mindflex is a game that uses the players’ brain waves to increase or decrease and direct a flow of air that in turn moves a ball through a course that the player sets up. In order to get the ball to go where you want it to go, you must develop the ability to focus on one thing and forget anything else. Focus is a powerful form of mind power.

2. In order to play the various aspects of Mindflex, you must bring all your attention into the present. The game increases your ability to be in the NOW, which boosts creative thinking. It also helps with decision making.

3. Practicing the kind of concentration needed for Mindflex increases frontal lobe activity, which has been shown to decrease impulsive behaviors. So Mindflex helps the user have more control over thought and action. Children with ADHD benefit tremendously from developing this type of mind power. So do autistic children. Adults can benefit as well-impulse control helps with addictive behaviors.

People pay hundreds of dollars for biofeedback and spend hundreds of hours learning meditation to get the same benefits you can get from playing the Mindflex game. And for about the cost of a mediocre dinner out for two, it’s the best self improvement AND toy bargain around.

Mindflex the game is appropriate for children eight years old and up. Kids love the game because the ability to move something with their minds feels like magic to them (they don’t even know they’re building their brain power while they’re doing it).

As an adult who has spent lots of money on self development, I’m thrilled to have found a fun way to improve my mind power. I’ll be giving this game as a gift to many of my friends and family for the holidays this year. Shh. Don’t tell.


Source by Shea Daniels