This year, one of the Top Kids Toys 12-15 Years of age is the Spinmaster Airhogs Havoc Heli R/C helicopters for kids (and “big kids” too). They’re very small and light, fitting into the palm of your hand, holding the world record for the smallest R/C helicopters available.

But – they’re not only small and light, they’re actually quite accurate in motion – especially for such a small version of an R/C helicopter. There are four directions of movement that can be used with the controller – forward, backward, left and right, and the heli can also hover in one place just like a real helicopter. It’s amazingly easy to maneuver around corners and other obstacles!

The Spinmaster Airhogs Havoc Heli toys have another very special feature – they don’t only fly alone! There are three separate frequencies available that allow people to play together with a few helicopters flying in the same room.

There are some down-sides to the Spinmaster Airhogs Havoc Heli toys however – the first of which is they are not built to play outdoors due to their inability to fly amidst any type of wind conditions – but they can be flown outside on a still day.

Another negative that has come up in consumer reviews is the fly time. The manufacturer reports up to six minutes of fly time, but consumers are reporting that time is more like four to five minutes before they need to be recharged. However – this is actually more fly time than many other R/C helicopters allow – probably due ot the lightness of the toy.

Retail price for Spinmaster Airhogs Havoc Heli toys is around $30.00 (less from other resources online) – is it worth the money? Based on overall quality and “fun factor” for this toy – you bet!

Spinmaster Airhogs Havoc Heli R/C Helicopters comes in as one of the Top Kids Toys 12-15 Years of Age, manufacturer recommended age is 8 to 14 years.

Source by Tonya Brisnehan