While there were a few organizations that came out with lists for Top Christmas Toys in 2010 in July as they usually do, these may or may not actually be the toys that are hot this Christmas. As you know, it’s a combination of advertising, marketing message, and children that make up the popular toys every year. From the Beanie Baby craze to Cabbage Patch Kids to Tickle Me Elmo – it seems that every year there is a super popular toy that kids must have and that parents can’t find.

Preparing for Christmas 2010

Fall is quickly approaching, which means it’s time to start thinking about Christmas shopping. While you may not make any actual purchases yet, you should start to put together your lists. That way, if you see something on sale, you can buy it now and save time later. Also, if there’s a toy that you see is becoming popular, you can pick one up. If you’re really savvy, you could pick up a few and make a profit selling them or give them to family and friends to make sure they have the hot toy for Christmas 2010.

Finding the Top Christmas Toys in 2010

The good things in life are never easy and making your child happy on Christmas morning by having the most perfect toy is no exception. If you want to make sure you get your hands on the top toy for Christmas 2010, you want to make sure you stay up to date on all new news about the top toys coming out and trends that are happening.

A good way to do this is to set-up a Google Search Alert for “Top Toys Christmas 2010” or other similar terms. This will send you an email whenever there’s new news about the most hot toys in 2010. This can give you a valuable heads-up – precious time – that can enable you to go to a store and get the popular item before it becomes too popular.

Listen to the Children

You can listen to the so called toy experts until you are blue in the face (like at Willy Wonka’s factory), but you may not figure out what toy your child thinks is hot this year. For finding the perfect Christmas toy in 2010, you want to make sure you listen to what your kids are talking about. Even as Halloween and Thanksgiving come around, they may start dropping hints as to what they think the hottest toy in 2010 is. If you’re lucky, it might not be the toy every other child wants, which would make getting it that much easier.

Source by K. Paul Mallasch