Life is unpredictable. One moment you are a new mom holding the most precious treasure in your arms and the next you know they are standing on their feet showing off their toothless smile. Then you wonder where has the one year passed. Your baby’s first birthday is a remarkable event since it represents the importance of celebrating their first milestone in their lives. Preparations for this big event must be made with great care in order to make this event a huge success amongst your guests.

Planning and organizing of the party needs to be done well in advance. A guest list has to be prepared and the 1st birthday photo invitations must be sent well in advance. If you plan on creating a first birthday photo invitations that you have to select a favorite photo of your baby clicked during the past year and place it at the center of the invitation cards.

You can even make use of a background theme and create unique and funny 1st birthday photo invitations. A lot of themes can be selected from a number of online websites. You can make used of different patterns and designs or use the pictures of stuffed animals for the first birthday photo invitation. The wordings can be in the form of popular phrases ad sayings or simple words inviting the guests to the party.

Thinking of whether to go in for themed parties? Well themed parties prove to make the tasks of the parents much easier and simpler. Since your baby does not have a favorite cartoon character, movie or personality, you can easily go in for Sesame Street, stuffed penguins or teddy bear themes that will nicely coordinate with your baby’s first birthday. You can even take the help of your friends and family to help you organize according to the theme selected by you.

Coming to the decorations, streamers and posters seem to be a more ideal choice for the occasion. You can even make use of balloons of different colors and have them place way out of the reach of both younger and older children. In addition to this, you can make use of cut outs of famous cartoon characters like Mickey, Minnie, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and many more and use them to decorate the floors and entrances of the venue.

The birthday cake can be in the shape of famous cartoon characters or you can bake a simple cake in the shape of the number 1. Foods and beverages for the adults can consist of home cooked meals or pizzas. Wines and fruit juices can be lined up on the food table so that the adults can help themselves whenever they want.

Older kids love to play interesting and exciting games at parties. This can easily be arranged for by having light music and nursery rhymes played in the background so that the kids can sing and dance. Make sure your one year old is present at these games so that they too can clap or jump around on their high chairs. Other fun games that can be included could be Passing the parcel, musical chairs, Simon says and many more.

Finally party favors. The baby’s first birthday party favors can consist of all types if goodies for the kids such as candies, cookies, toys, dolls etc. you can also gift away cute photos of your baby so that the guests can remember this special event in the coming years. At the end attach a thank you note to the party favors.

Source by Sebastian Crown