Toys and games that have been in our lives since long has evolved a great deal in recent years. Today, they are no longer used as playthings; they have become learning tools for the overall development of the child. In-fact, you can enhance mathematical skills, memory power, and problem-solving ability by choosing the right toys.

Toys and games must be picked with an eye on age of the child. There are various toys available today that makes the most of a child’s learning potential. As a child grows, it needs a different set of challenges and so toys must be chosen with the child’s abilities in mind.

Among these some toys for toddlers assists the child in hand to eye co-ordination and overall development e.g. building blocks, puzzles etc.

Red, white, and black are the shades that a baby easily recognizes. Toys in these color tones attract their attention, stimulating their sense of sight and therefore leading to the tendency to grab and grasp. The various educational toys for babies and infants must necessarily be handy so that it can be easily gripped and manipulated.

Girls are usually fond of dolls, Barbie dolls to be precise- and they try to re-enact the activities of their daily lives with these dolls. Dolls and teddies will be cuddled, given food and put to sleep. This way, they get to know about their surroundings and enhance their power of grasping things. Girls would also love to have the entire cooking range, toys with refrigerator, tables, chairs and brooms.

Similarly, boys are fond of robotic toys of their favorite cartoon characters or cars from Hot Wheels etc. Not only do young boys admire these sleek looking toys but also enjoy playing with and preserving them forever. Cycles, swings and slides enthrall them. So, choose the right toy and help your child develop natural skills, at an early age.

Apart from these, there are games like board games like pictionary, scrabble, chess, and business, which are popular with both children and grown ups as well. In-fact, every household, whether in urban or rural India has one board game or the other depending on individual interest.

It is said that these board games are apt to enhance knowledge and thinking ability.

Few indoor board games involve strategy and are appropriate for growing children and young adults. They improve concentration and planning abilities.

Shopping online is a good option. Though educational toys can be purchased from a physical store, the benefits of going online are immense. Here you can go for a little bit of research before narrowing down on the right choice. Most of the online toy stores have detailed description about their products and cater to a wide range of consumers regarding make, price, brand, color etc. for self or gifting purpose.


Source by Amrith K. A