The Loveable neighbors to the north o the United States, Canada, makes some fin quality toys for children of all ages. Canada has more then just hockey and snow you know.

One of the more popular Canadian toys are the Q-BA-MAZE, great name too. These are marble maze toys that let you build and endless amount of structures with interlocking clear cubes. Once the structure is built the marbles will run through the structure. Making the necessary adjustments is critical because you will want the marbles to roll and spin through it at a fast pace. This will provide hours of entertainment for children and even adults as well. These sets come in a variety of pieces and hot and cool colors.

Another challenging game that will help your child build moto skills and really test their concentration is Rukshuk Rock Balancing Game. Since there are literally thousands of combination this will also be a major hit with any child and adults, highly addictive. Players must race against the clock to build rock formations, so a steady hand is required.

Another game surely to thrill children and adults is the game called Jakbo! This game is simple yet requires strategical thinking and problem solving. The object of the game is to play from opposite ends of the board, play off your own color in each corner to cross into your opponents end and score as many times as possible. It is easier said then done

Similar to Rukshuk, Stonees and Stonees Little Beams are a great alternative to tradition wooden blocks. Stonees promote creative thinking and logical reasoning in young kids.

Family Pastimes offers a variety of different board games for the whole family to enjoy such as Break A Leg, Brainy Games, Community, Bus Depot Diner, Amazing Illusions, Home Builders, Galaxy, Eagle Eye Agency, Sailing, Taxi!, Sand Castles, Untrivia, and many more to choose from. Odds are whatever your child’s interest are Family Pastimes has it.

If one is growing tired of board games and wants something their little girl can enjoy all by herself, the Maplelea Dolls would make a great gift for any young girl. Maplelea Dolls are similar to the American Girl Dolls but the Canadian version. These dolls hav individual personalities and names which include Alexi, Jenna, Taryn, Brianne, Leonie. These dolls come with a journal and numerous accessories like bedding, furniture and matching clothes so your little girl can dress like her doll.

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Source by Troy James Macraft